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Only pay when the job is 100% complete to your satisfaction

No money down. No upfront cost.


Painting is what we do because it is what we know.  We specialize in painting & concrete coatings.  Our company has built its reputation on being professional, courteous and punctual.  There will always be other companies that will come in at a lower price point, but that doesn't necessarily mean the quality will be the same. Remember the old saying "You get what you pay for". With Painterz Edge you get 100%, from start to finish.

Zero Down*

We take pride in our work and this is why we can offer you our no money down option.  Any project where the total cost does not exceed $1,500, requires no money down. Any project that exceeds $1,500, will require a small down payment which will for th purchase of materials. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. That is our promise to you.

Color choices?

Have questions about the types of finishes or colors that fit your needs? Not a problem. All signed contracts will include at no charge, one hour of color consultation.


Painterz Edge proudly uses Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints. 

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